Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the never ending fun msn chronicle vol. [1]

baoo says:
*ni de ma ;D
*thats wats up :
*lol srsly. when someone asks you sup what are you meant to say? LOL
. lovess [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean says:
*just say
*what your doiing
*nm just cooking some food
*nm just smoking some pot

. lovess [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean says:
*are you in sydney?
- jason [PhantomCrew] says:
*sure thing man
. lovess [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean says:
*wtf is sydney roday
- jason [PhantomCrew] says:
*resume this convo in 5 mins
. lovess [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean said (23:30):
*its been
*five minutes
*you whore faced skank

he never replied
nts: dont msn at 12 PM

the fun never ends, msn chronicles vol. [1] said (11:44):
. lovess [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean says:
*do you have
*mr smiths
*with all the txtbook questions we were meatn to do
*this whole year

. lovess [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean says:
You have just sent a nudge.
* You may not send a nudge that often.
You have just sent a nudge.
You have just sent a nudge.
* You may not send a nudge that often.
* You may not send a nudge that often.
* You may not send a nudge that often.
You have just sent a nudge.
. lovess [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean says:
- jason [PhantomCrew] says:
*hello there
. lovess [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean says:
- jason [PhantomCrew] says:

over a 30 minute period

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

msn chronicles Volume [1]

[c=0]-[/c] [c=36]jason[/c] [PhantomCrew] says:

dnot need to study every day!


just study when you get back man

[c=29][c=#30A8D6]. lovess[/c] [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean[/c] says:

get back?

i ceebs

[c=0]-[/c] [c=36]jason[/c] [PhantomCrew] says:

[c=29][c=#30A8D6]. lovess[/c] [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean[/c] says:



[c=0]-[/c] [c=36]jason[/c] [PhantomCrew] says:


[c=29][c=#30A8D6]. lovess[/c] [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean[/c] says:




[c=0]-[/c] [c=36]jason[/c] [PhantomCrew] says:


[c=29][c=#30A8D6]. lovess[/c] [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean[/c] says:



[c=0]-[/c] [c=36]jason[/c] [PhantomCrew] says:


[c=29][c=#30A8D6]. lovess[/c] [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean[/c] says:

=( you make me sad

[c=0]-[/c] [c=36]jason[/c] [PhantomCrew] says:

you make me angry


[c=29][c=#30A8D6]. lovess[/c] [PhantomCrew] (a5) keean[/c] says:



[c=0]-[/c] [c=36]jason[/c] [PhantomCrew] says:

LMFAO because its phantom AHAHA!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

feels likee insomnia~

:] whatsupp bloggy! sorry about the months of neglecting you ! :( im such a horrible owner.

well im really only here to not be bored. sighh...ah sighhh...

Sitting in the rain
Crying in the pain
Laughing insane
Making paper cranes

Slowly in the wind
Sweetly in the breeze
Gently in the snow
Softly in the spring

Forgotten in the past
Remembered in the present
Given into failure
Ridden into sin

Unable to spread wings
Stranded to stay dead

How to overcome?
How to overleap?

In my dreams I pray.
Less than I would say.

Within the broken words.
Within the broken truth.


omg im so bored LOL. zzz.. i shouldnt have wagged chinese schoool :(. sigh. michhhy is angry what to do..omg need brownie mix soon. zzz what to do.. ahhhh twenty bucks in pocket...where to putt...laptop sneaked to put back...FML

I love you
You love me
We are happy family
With a great big hug and smile on our face
I wish there was some truth in this :]

but what is truth? what is the meaning of life?

to be living is but a be dead is but to be screwed....

so why.
so how?


i think its time to sleep LOL. goodnight, this was entertaining i guess :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

day ... 1 2 3 4 ! 4 ! being single =]

why hello blog =D! i havent seen you for two days hehe. i miss you <3. face="Arial">.

anypennyways. im back from two days of mt. buller =]! and yes it has been a wonderful two days.

day 1 -
i woke up at 5:00 to drive to cathy chans house, then we got there at like 6:10ish. the ice on the car had to be scraped off, which was pretty rofl. then then we had a 3 hour long car trip ! =D. i think i slept most of it, and then you could hear the GPS "tomtom" talk in really loud on-the-phone asian canto. i dont think cath got any sleep though LOL. ohwell, win for me!

we got to the top of the mountain around 11, then we hired two boards =D. but we were kinda late for our lesson, so we had to run run run! good thing we made it 25 mins late ^^. and somehow cath managed to talk us into the childrens class ROFL. our teacher was really nice, jackson! free lesson! ily! hahahahha! then he told us to take the 1:30 lesson ;D to improve our boarding skill. after that he went for lunch and so did we =D, we had lunch with dad, me, cath and cath's dad. then we failed our timing, and ended up being 45 mins late to the lesson that we were meant to take but we didn't. to shorten things down, lets just say i cant board with my back down the slope. LOLOL

actually im too tired today.
thank goodness for vacations~ sigh. i feel a lot better now, hahahha!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

second day being single :| and first time blogging in months LOL

why hello mr. blog o_o. its been a while since i wrote on you! IM SORRY I NEGLECTED YOU... :'(

mymy.. so heres to the second day of being single again ! *toasting to myself* i feel very retarded about all this? =/ hmm yeah. but i think i was more messed up yesterday! so heres to an improvement! *toasting to myself again* =D

well today i was meant to go to the UQ with david, but then i had to work at the bookshop again! so my day got wasted away~ there was this one guy who took 4 hours to pick out 4 books, ffs leave me alone to play my DS >:( and somehow i managed to sneak in 4:05 hours of Final Fantasy 3 on my ds LOL. epic win. i managed to stuff up one tax invoice ;D lucky she didnt notice hehehe, then there was this lady who asked all these really deep questions. i pretty much rejected her, and after all the effort i put in she buys a $7.80 thin-ass book o_o...... stingy asians. the monthly book deliveries came today and i spent an hour opening boxes and sticking stickers on the back of books. sigh...

but its okay. i got a lot of thinking time. so day well wasted ^^!

omgee and i fell in love with haru haru again =D!

Finally I realize that I am nothing without youI was so wrong,
forgive me
Ah ah ah ah~

My broken heart like a wave
My shaken heart like a wind
My heart vanished like smoke
It can’t be removed like a tattoo
I sigh deeply as if a ground is going to cave in
Only dusts are piled up in my mind(say goodbye)

Yeah, I thought I wouldn’t be able to live even one day without you
But somehow I managed to live on (longer) than I thought
You don’t answer anything as I cry out “I miss you”
I hope for a vain expectation but now it’s useless

What is it about that person next to you, did he make you cry?
Dear can you even see me, did you forget completely?
I am worried, I feel anxiety because
I can’t get close nor try to talk to you
I spend long nights by myself, erasing my thoughts a thousand times

Don’t look back and leave
Don’t find me again and live
Because I have no regrets from loving you, take only the good memories
I can bear it in some way
I can stand in some way
You should be happy if you are like this
I become dull day by day (eh eh eh eh)

Oh girl I cry, cry
You’re my all, say goodbye…

If we pass by each other on the street
Act like you didn’t see me and go the way you were walking to
If you keep thinking about our past memories
I might go look for you secretly

Always be happy with him, (so) I won’t ever get a different mind
Even smallest regret won’t be left out ever
Please live well as if I should feel jealous

You should always be like that bright sky, like that white cloud
Yes, you should always smile like that as if nothing happened

Don’t look back and leaveDon’t find me again and live (on)
Because I have no regrets from loving you, take only the good memories
I can bear it in some way
I can stand in some way
You should be happy if you are like this
I become dull day by day (eh eh eh eh)

I hope your heart fees relieved
Please forget about me and live (on)
Those tears will dry completely
As time passes byIt would’ve hurt less if we didn’t meet at all (mm)
Hope you will bury our promise of being together forever baby
I pray for you

Don’t look back and leave
Don’t find me again and live (on)
Because I have no regrets from loving you, take only the good memories
I can bear it in some way
I can stand in some way
You should be happy if you are like this
I become dull day by day (eh eh eh eh)

Oh girl I cry, cry
You’re my all, say goodbye, bye
Oh my love don’t lie, lie
You’re my heart, say goodbye
*tear* epic song =D! repeat repeat repeat.
mmmhmm i can probably safely assume that no one reads this blog LOL. so i can be nerdy, stupid or anything i want! ;D hahahahhaha wooh!
so heres to being single *third toasting by myself* i need alchi =(.
snow tommorow wont be back for two days. hopefully itll make me feel better ;D ahhaha. laters guys thank you for everyone who has been there for me ^^.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life? 我还是死定 *sigh*

today was a ... ... ... yehh. =(

i woke up at usual time 6 45ish and had cereal and orange juice, off i go to school~ lalalala.. a bus and train ride later im at school. first two periods was a wate of time, for some reason recess is a blank =s, and ian played the gun game with clapping ^^. got my test results back from the log test ==; , man how did ian beat me LOL. wilko was away today so I had last two periods off =D! so phantomcrew stayed at gym for period 5, i reckon josh , ian and mang are getting too imba >.> spinning nikes, switch hand pikes @@ sigh ... when am i going to catch up. went bocky after to buy pressie , then caught train home. then nerded my life away for a few hours.. up to now ^^".

But more importantly, back to camp >.< ~

12th (wow im still on the same day? =O) -
I remember the star knit sky, just that view was enough to make me feel like a total imcompetent in front of my lord. kneeling down, i pretty much told him about how much i missed him in my life. but, i didnt feel sad or regretful anymore, it was really heartwarming to sit there in the moonlight just thinking about myself and god. but as i realised how poor i was in spirit, i started to feel really guilty and it was killing me. standing up, i realise how sick a person i am. not worthy. i remember seeing the faces of everyone who finished the walk, everyone had their own stories. for many they seemed peaceful and joyful, seeing people cry with tears, i really wondered why i felt almost no love for anything i knew. sickening. we took a timeout after and went to the dining room. when everyone finished i remember the peace that was in the room, it seemed like all our burdens had been lifted off our shoulders. it was wonderful, even if only temporary for some of us. we praised him for hours without resting, and singing the same lyrics over and over again never changed our passion.

im pretty sure thats the night we stayed up, but then again i was probably too tired to remember the details. the last memory i had of that night, was actually the sunset in the morning ROFL. it was beautiful, and too bright to look at, and it came perfectly over our mountain campsite.

13th -
I found this day really depressing in a way, because i knew that for me personally, i would get really distracted again once my "life" started. in many ways, this was likely to be the most touching experience. in the morning after a wrap up, doc john encouraged us to share. it got off to a slow start, but as each person went up, it just felt like someone was slowly pulling my heart out of my chest ^^" (makes sense?). seeing siblings up there, hugging each other, loving each other and supporting each other, gave me a sense of lonliness i guess. after hearing andy speak...i was really torn in two. i could hear god telling me "hey son, go back and give our old man a huge hug, im sure its hard and difficult, but your life was meant to change today!" i knew he was right.

as people broke down, i could feel love overflow from each and every person. i just felt like telling people that i loved them..hmm i kinda feel like that right now, just by talkng bout it. god, youve shown me a family of christ, empowered by your love. eeverything after was only a shadow compared to that experience.

thus, fusion camp 09 comes to an end

god, i feel sick of my sins now, i feel sick of my person. if it would please you, lift me of my burdens and set me free. your son was defiled, so that such a person like me, would have a salvation. i'm sorry that my strength is not enough to carry me through, give me your hand and ill give you mine. i remember the circumstances i came to you in, poor, broken and weak. you took me out ofthe grave and gave me fusion to be my family. lord, i thank you so much for each person in fusion, that each one of them are unique but are all bonded by you. to be given a family like this is truly a blessing. lately, ive felt something was missing again, i couldnt tell what it was until that night. as i left you behind me, all my relationships have become weak and brittle. my heart closed up on itself and left behind an empty shell who resembled a human. in a empty world, i was also empty. god, i feel the pain from being distanced from fusion, and i find it hard to believe that i left you so easily. forgetting what binds my heart to happiness and peace, only to chase after what made me feel empty. my own chameleon self became only another unfocused human. underneath all my smiles and politeness, i felt sick of this world and its people. but what was really sick was myself. i believe this is only the begginning, but show me your love again, please. dont leave me in the dark anymore..i cant find anyone.

In my lords strong name, amen

will you really come and save me?

If my heart has grown cold
There Your love will unfold
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand
When I’m blind to my way
There Your Spirit will pray
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand
Oceans will part nations come
At the whisper of Your call
Hope will rise glory shine
In my life Your will be done
Present suffering may pass
Lord Your mercy will last
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand

I dont feel like being blind anymore , truly...


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